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It is very difficult to imagine life of a modern man without equipment as a refrigerator or gas stove, air conditioners and washing machines, which also firmly entered our life and it is difficult to imagine our existence without this convenience if something breaks down.

ремонт бытовой техники

Our service center carries out installation, repair, as well as service and maintenance of household and industrial climatic equipment. Specialists of our company have a great experience in the field of household appliances repair and therefore it will not be difficult for them to identify and eliminate the cause of equipment malfunction. 

We guarantee qualified diagnostics, professional repairs and maintenance. You can get an affordable consultation here that will help to avoid home appliances breakdowns in the future.

Our phone numbers: (+998 98) 128-04-02, (+998 90) 167-95-49

Who are WE?

We are - "Server Service" - a young, ambitious and rapidly developing company. The company was founded in the spring of 2004 as a narrowly specialized service center for repair of household appliances. We have turned our workshop into a specialized service center for household appliances maintenance of any brand during one year. We initially began to focus on the needs of our customers, which led to rapid development of our company. Read more about our company in section "About Us".

Why are WE?

We put a flexible approach in working with clients and individual problem solving into basis of our activity. We have low prices and flexible system of discounts. Professional masters with a wide experience of work are well versed in repair degree and installation of household and climate equipment both in domestic and industrial scale.
Our masters can repair household appliances without transportation to service center, and provide a guarantee for done work.
Our company does not only install and repair home appliances, but also design and make installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in large industrial facilities.
If you are interested in professional and quality repair of your home appliances, call us. Applications are accepted every day from 9.00 to 18.00. Our managers will agree with you the time of arrival of specialist and malfunctioning problem of the equipment will be solved.

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Монтажные работы, проводимые бригадой компании «Server Service Plyus» на объекте - в самом разгаре, день сдачи объекта уже не за горами. Решено множество очень важных вопросов, которые возникли в начале и в процессе работы.