Installation works, carried out by specilaists of “Server Service” company are in full swing! Many important questions which were arosen during the work.

Specialists of our company have already decided the problems of conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

We have already installed:

  • metalic pipes of heaing systems, isolation valve (gate valve, valves, etc.);
  • for ventilation and conditioning systems – rectangular and spiral-wound ducts;

The work was devided into several stages:

  • At the beginning a general building inspection and necessary calculations were carried out.
  • A new project was developed in accordance with the customer’s requirements and technical requirements of conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.
  • The design of heat pipeline and air ducts was approved, as well as the installation site of distribution nodes and heat calculation.
  • Team of experienced specialists took a part in this object: technical engineers, designers, suppliers, installers
  • In the nearest future, we plan to carry out the equipment shipping of required capacity, its installation, commissioning works;
  • start of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems;
  • check and test of the whole system;
  • We provide the guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance, as well as the guarantee for all implemented services.

Main advantages of “Server Service Plyus” Company:

  • We always meet a project shedule;
  • Big staff of experienced specialists;
  • Equipment and other elements selection of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems;
  • A wide range of services;
  • Flexible discount system;
  • All the clients are pleased by implemented services;
  • Cooperation with many foreign companies;
  • When designing, we take into account all customer’s requirements
  • Guarantee of quality and post-guarantee maintenance

If you need high quality services in the field of ventilation, conditioning and heating systems, just call us: +998 (71) 207-33-32