Types of chillers. Chiller is an industrial equipment, which is often used in large industrial enterprises. That’s why, it is difficult for owners to choose a high quality equipment. Firstly, it is important to determine all necessary parameters and technical characteristics of the chiller.

Absorption chillers

Source of supply of this chiller is hot water or steam. Distilled water is used as coolant. Lithium bromide is used as absorption element.

Advantages of absorption chillers

  • Reliability and durability;
  • Economical operation, as the equipment doesn’t consume electric energy.


Disadvantages of absorption chillers

  • High price;
  • Big size (in comparison with other chillers).

Steam compression chillers

Парокомпрессионный чиллер с воздушным охлождением фирмы TICAThese chillers operate on a principle of compression cooling cycle. The internal design of such chillers is a closed system, consisting of:

  • Compressor;
  • Flow regulator;
  • Evaporator;
  • Condenser.

The coolant boils all the time, then it is condensed, thus cooling the room.

Steam compression chillers are divided into several types.

Internal chillers of air cooling with centrifugal fans

Such chillers are used for installation in the room. In this case the air is supplied and removed through air ducts. Centrifugal fans are used for movement of air flows.


  • Lack of outdoor units. It is very convenient if there is no spare space for indoor unit installation.

This chiller can be used all year round regardless of ambient temperature.


  • Heavy expenses for ventilation system;
  • The need for additional room for the equipment installation.

External chillers of air cooling with axial fans

These chillers are installed outdoors. Some powerful axial fans are used for condenser intensive cooling.


  • These chillers can be installed on the roof or other places


  • It is necessary to drain waste water from evaporator

Chillers with remote condenser

These chillers are also installed indoors. However, the condenser in this case is installed outdoors. Connection of condenser with the unit is carried out with the help of pipelines.

Reverse chillers

The operating concept of these chillers is similar to the popular air conditioners “winter-summer”. It means that the chiller is used both for cooling and heating of the air.

Chillers with water cooling

These chillers with reverse cooling system (equipped with coolant). They are installed indoors.

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