Our company had the honour to work in one of the most popular educational institutions of our country. At the beginning of the school year the first presidential school solemnly met its pupils!

News of the appearance of the first presidential school in the republic spread long ago before its opening.

Server Service Company had an active part in the fitout of large multifunctional complex. We installed conditioning, ventilating and heating systems.

Project development of HVAC systems was trusted the best specialists of our company who carried out all necessary calculations, selected a suitable equipment and installed chillers and fancoils.

We were scrupulous about our work, during of which reliable equipment from leading manufacturers, high quality parts and consumable materials were used.

Due to professional approach and modern equipment, we were able to bring to life our project for conditioning and ventilating systems.

Despite the fact that deadlines were extremely short, we coped our work 100%. There always be a comfortable atmosphere for staying in spacious class rooms, swimming pools and rooms for rest!