Приточная вентиляция в УзбекистанеInput ventilation is a reliable and effective method of fresh air supply in residential premises and offices.

When using input ventilation system, fresh air enters the room through outside-air intake and air ducts.

Features of input ventilation

Modern input ventilation equipment is equipped not only with air supercharger (fans) but also filters for air purification from dust and harmful impurities. It is also able to heat or cool supplied air.

Input ventilation is not designed for removal of exhaust air from building. It supplies fresh air, while excess of air is removed naturally. Separate exhaust ventilation systems can be also used for removal of air masses. These systems are ventilation shafts without the use of exhaust systems.

High quality works

Experienced engineer designers of Server Service Company provide services for theПриточная вентиляция в Ташкенте design of efficient and reliable input ventilation system, which will serve you for a long time.

We have a great experience in the field of projects development of ventilation systems for swimming pools, sport complexes, offices, storehouses, production shops and administrative buildings.

For projects implementation we use modern ventilation equipment of the famous world brands:

  • VTS;
  • Belimo;
  • Dospel;
  • VBW;
  • Ventrex and other brands.

Besides design of ventilation systems we carry out the installation, repair and maintenace of ventilating units.

For competent design we provide such services as:

  • scheme development for ventilation system;
  • calculation of air consumption;
  • selection of ventilation equipment;
  • approval and modification of the project.

Do you need high quality ventilation system? We will develop a system project, taking into account all features of your building and your demands.

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