Commercial refrigeration equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment is a low-temperature refrigeration unit, designed for creation of comfortable conditions for products storage.

Refrigerated display cases and cabinets are necessary equipment of any supermarket. They are designed for demonstration of sausage, cheese, curd cheese, pastries, semi-finished products, cool drinks and other products.

Wide range of use of such equipment provides increase in demand for such services as installation and repair of commercial refrigerators in Tashkent.

If you are looking for experienced specialists whom you can trust the installation of chest freezer or refrigerated display, call our Company! Masters of Server Service Company will perform all their services quickly and in a professional level.

We are specialized in the installation:

  • Refrigerated bonets;
  • Refrigerated displays;
  • Cold compartment;
  • Refrigerated display cases;
  • Chest freezers.

High quality installation is an important moment, which provides trouble-free operation of the equipment. That’s why, such work must be implemented by professionals.

Server Service is a professional team who provide high quality services in accordance with deadline.

We guarantee reliability and tightness of connection of wires and hoses, correct operation of the equipment in different modes as well.

We are engaged not only in the installation but also repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment.

If you noticed reduction of cooling capacity, increase of noise level during operation, high electric energy consumption, condensate accumulation, don’t wait the equipment performance deterioration.

Call us: (71) 207 33 32 or fill in on-line application.

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