3D printers are very popular today. So, with their help you can create anything: toys, dishes, musiacal instruments, jewellery, auto parts and many other things. Haier Company keeps up with the times and has presented the first in the world 3D printed air conditioner.

The China Company Haier has created another split system. It is emphasized that air conditioners will be produced only by pre-order. In addition, the future owners will be able to participate in the development of 3D printed air conditioner.

It is also worth noting that each component of innovative split air conditioning system will be produced in accordance with customer’s requirements.

The printing process can be adjusted, changing the design of air cinditioner. If wished, you can also decorate the air conditioner cabinet with family photos or original inscriptions.

This model of air conditioner will please those who used to surround themselves with unique things because they will have an air conditioner that has not the analogues.

Of course, the price of this air conditioning unit is also high – about USD 6000.

There is no much information about technical specifications. It is only known that new air conditioner is equipped with LCD display, on which operational parameters are displayed.

Regarding functionality, it will not be different from other high efficient models of split air conditioning systems.