Qualified installers of Server Service Company have gone to Bukhara to install climatic equipment in a new building – Agency of State services.

Our company works not only throughout Tashkent, but also in Tashkent region: Samarkand, Andijan, Navoi, Nukus, Urgench. Currently we work in Bukhara – in the Agency of State services.

The center of State services, President’s reception and the State services management Agency are located in this large two-storey building. This organization provides more than 100 popular services for the population. Here you can get a new passport, change driver;s license, pay state duty, notarize documents, get official documents for Register office and much more.

Our company has worked hard to create a comfortable microclimate in this large administrative building. Initially, technical specification was drawn up, all necessary calculations – acoustic, aerodynamic, air distribution were carried out, as well as ventilating and conditioning systems were designed and proper equipment was selected.

We have installed air ducts, air handling unit, chillers SHIVAKI, control boards, PEDROLLO pumps, pressure meter, mud filter, expansion tanks. We also have carried out the laying of pipelines, connection of chillers, hydraulic tests and commissioning.

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