Units for air conditioning system of AURA type from “VBW Engineering” are used for the premises with high heat generation.

Aura units perfectly cool the premises of a large area and different purpose. That’s why, they are so popular in offices, night clubs, conference halls, government institutions etc.

Equipment properties

The equipment property of AURA type is a compact design. Accordingly, the installation doesn’t require much space. General-purpose control system reduces energy consumption that are necessary for performance of ventilation system.

Air handling unit for conditioning system of AURA type

AURA units have 4 typical size, the range of air consumption is from 400 to 12000 m3/h.

The unit has also additional equipment:

  • water heaters (one and two rows)
  • electric heaters
  • water radiators
  • four and six row freons

Operational concept

Automatic control system automatically turns off the heat exchanger if it is hot in the premise. Thus, the indicators of energy saving are increased. At a low temperature in the premise, the efficiency of recuperation and heat exchanger are increased.


VBW “AURA” is equipped with special sensors which indicate the air pollution.

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