Air handling units for air conditioners of BO-VESTA type

BO-Vesta has a compact design, equipped with the function of heat recuperation with the help of heat exchanger. These units are produced in 4 typical sizes. The range of all 4 types is from 400 to 3800 m3/h.

Compact unit BO-Vesta-1 is equipped with counterflow heat exchanger, and units BO-Vesta-2,3,4 – four-way. BO-Vesta units are used in the buildings of a small area: kinder gardens, offices, small cottages, stores etc. Plug&Play function provides economical operation and makes easy the installation.

Design features

BO-Vesta is designed in the best traditions of frameless technology. Indoor panels are made in accordance with all noise insulation regulations.

Material of construction is aluminum zink filled with mineral wool (50mm). Mineral wool provides acoustic and thermal insulation functions.

It is remember to know! BO-Vesta is represented in 4 types. Each of them has its capacity and efficiency. Do you need air handling unit? Server Service is always at your services! Just fill in the questionnaire for the equipment selection and we will help to select a proper equipment.

Air handling units for air conditioners of BO-VESTA type