Chiller is a water-cooling machine (refrigerator), a key unit of a central air-conditioning system. They may differ by power level – from air conditioning for cottage and to multi-storey residential and office buildings. Chillers cool or heat the coolant (water or glycol aqueous solution) and feed it to fan coil heat exchanger.

Refrigeration machines – chillers, work on absorption cycle. The heat of heating steam or hot water is used as an energy source. The use of absorption refrigeration machines is the optimal solution in the case of high cost or shortage of electricity. The simplest unit of chiller includes a generator, a condenser, an evaporator and an absorber.

One of Server-Service company’s directions activity is repair of chillers and maintenance of air conditioners, ventilation systems. Server-Service company specializes in solving problems of different complexity level, since it has extensive experience in repairing chillers.

Our company provides its professional services with highly qualified persons, experienced and skillful specialists, for which repair of chillers is one of the most frequently rendered and often realized services, therefore, any faults in this type  operation of apparatus for our professionals will not become an insoluble problem.

«Server-Service» company is famous for its impeccably honest attitude to customers who turned us for help. This approach was laid from company’s foundation and what is practically our credo, because we realize accurate repair of the chillers, competently, efficiently, using all the advanced technologies and using specialized modern equipment, performing all the necessary procedures in good faith, taking care of extending working capacity of your chiller as long as possible.

The reasons for failure of chillers can also be viewed here.

Types of repair services for chiller:

  • Qualitative and professional diagnostics;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Replacement of faulty components, its parts;
  • Analysis of the entire system;
  • Repair of boards;
  • Cleaning of blocks;
  • Recycling and new filling of system internal elements;
  • Refueling and cleaning the system;
  • Washing of chillers;
  • Dry cleaning of the system from dirt deposits;
  • Disinfection of the system.

We are happy to help you to carry out the repair of the chillers at your plant or production and we will be glad to see you among our customers, guaranteeing effective results of our cooperation!

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