Boiler flushing is a measure aimed at increasing the efficiency of heating and the Чистка водонагревателя в Ташкентеperiod of uninterrupted operation.

Some owners of boilers prefer to perform this process themselves.

Unprofessioanal approach and lack of necessary tools for flushing can cause serious problems and premature failure of main parts. That’s why, boiler flushing must be implemented by professionals.

Scale in water heater: causes of appearance

Main cause of scale formation is low quality and high water hardness. In this case it is necessary to carry out water softening, purification and filtration. Otherwise, it leads to salt accumulation and harmful impurities on the surface of electric heating tube. In case of lack of boiler flushing, the heating element is covered with a thick layer of scale.

In order to avoid this problem, the boiler should be equipped with filter or softener, and of course don’t forget about regular maintenance and flushing, using high effective chemicals.

It is high time to carry out boiler flushing if you noticed:

  • increase in energy consumption;
  • overheating of electric heating tube at low reduction of heat loss;
  • strange noise during operation;
  • change of water color and unpleasant odor.

If you noticed one of these sympthoms, call Server Service Company! Our specialists will carry out diagnostic of the equipment and scale removal.

How to get rid of scale?

There are two methods of boiler flushing: mechanical and chemical.

The first one means scale removal manually. The mechanical method is more effective but unsafe. Knife, emery paper and iron brush can damage the surface of heating element.

The second one is based on the use of special detergents. To eliminate deposists of small thickness, you can use the so-called “folk remedies” – vinegar or citric acid. However, in acse of severe pollution of electric heating tube, it is better to use solutions sold in household stores or contact service cente.

Server Service is specialized in the providing a full range of services aimed at the increase of effciency and service life of gas and electric boilers of floor and wall type. Call us: (71) 207 33 32 or (98) 128 04 02

Important nuances of the process

It is important to pay attention not only to electric heating tube status but also the tank of water heater. First it is washed with soapy water and then running water. Then it is filled in with chemical solution and leave for several hours. Period of such flushing depends on the level of pollution. On average, it takes from 3 to 5 hours. In case of severe pollution, it takes up to 8 or 10 hours.

When using aggresive solutions, it is important to ensure that they don’t come into contact with rubber seals, as it leads to their loss of elasticity, and as a result to leak.

Power off and on is necessary when the tank is full of water. For greater reliability, rubber seals are treated by hermetic. Never remove scale with sharp objects, as it may cause corrosion and replacement of heating element.

How often is boiler flushing required?

At high indicators of water hardness, the boiler flushing should be carried out once a half year. If water is soft and various filters are used, once a year is quite enough.

Often during the cleaning process, the boiler is desinfected and coated with anti-corrosion compounds. If necessary, masters of Server Service Company will replace broken parts.

Our masters have all necessary tools, which allow to quickly disassemble unit and remove scale. There are several ways of cleaning (depneds on thickness of scale).

After completion of work, the device is assembled, checked for leakage and installed in the usual place.

Making use of our company services, you will get professional carrying out of works and quality warranty for trouble-free operation of heating boiler.

For more detailed information, call us: (71) 207 33 32 или (98) 128 04 02

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