The installation of refrigerated stores in Paxta town of Chinaz region has been finished. Four refrigerated stores, installed by specialists of Server Service Company are ready for operation!

Specialists of Server Service Company have finished their work for the installation of refrigerating equipment in Paxta town. These low temperature refrigerated stores are designed for long storage of fruits, vegetables and greenery. When designing, we take into account the size and purpose of the room and customer’s requirements. So, we have installed four high quality refrigerated stores with powerful air coolers (each refrigerated store has 2 air coolers).

Four chillers were installed on the roof of the building. In the future it makes easy the maintenance, replacement of details and repair.

Specialists of Server Service Company carried out:

  • Installation of freon pipes, refrigerating units (chillers) and refrigerated stores;
  • Assembling and test of the system;
  • Installation of control boards and regulation of temperature parameters;
  • Noise test;
  • Setting of inspection and rotection devices.

Our specialists must check the system for tighteness and refrigerated stores can be brought into operation!