Бытовое и промышленное кондиционирование в УзбекистанеConditioning. Air conditioners are devices for necessary temperature maintenance. Initially, the main purpose of air conditioners was the air cooling in the premise when it is hot. After the invitation of heat pump by Japanese Company Daikin, air conditioners were used not only for cooling but also for heating of the air.

Air conditioners: operating principle and properties

Modern air conditioning systems perform many additional functions. For example, the air is cleaned from small parts, humidified, dried, ionized, then the oxygen is regenerated. Air conditioning system differ by different types and models. Each of them has its own advantages and defects. That’s why before purchase, it is necessary to advise with the specialist who will help to make a right equipment selection in accordance with your requirements and financial possibilities.

Operating concept of all air conditioners is almost similar. The most popular type of household climatic systems is the wall split system. This is due to the fact that split systems of wall type have a high efficiency, attractive appearance and relatively low price.

The service life of household split systems is 8-15 years (providing the correct installation and timely maintenance).

Professional maintenance

If you want to buy the air conditioner, it is better to consult with specialist. Power capacity of climatic installation must meet the square area of the premise. Besides, before purchase, it is necessary to determine the functions you need.

Air conditioners installation must be implemented by specialists in professional service centers that provide the guarantee for their services.

Specialists of “Server Service” Company perform any services of conditioning system. We have all necessary tools and high quality consumable materials. Many years working experience in the field of household and industrial conditioning system allows to solve any problems of the installation or repair of the climatic equipment!

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