Ulugbek, 32 years old
Rustam, 32 years old
Abdurakhim, 30 years old
Rustem, 26 years old
 Industrial refrigeration equipment specialists
Object: Refrigerated chamber, Yangiyul

Performed works:

  • Design of refrigerated chamber and equipment choosing
  • Construction of refrigerated chamber
  • Installation of refrigerated chamber’s door
  • Installation of refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of lighting system
  • Commissioning of refrigeration equipment


Construction of refrigeration chamber is a complex process, requiring accurate calculation and accuracy.

Our specialists Ulugbek, Rustam, Abdurakhim and Rustem built modrn refrigeration chamber in Yangiyul city. The refrigeration chamber was built on modern frameless technology. Floor, walls and ceiling of the chamber were made of sandwich panels, that’s why it was not difficult to take care of the quality of foundation laying. Our specialists came and began to work when the foundation was finished:

Готовый фундамент Проверка правильности подготовленного фундамента

Before the work, masters measured the dimensions of the foundation, then they unloaded sandwich panels, from which the walls and ceiling were made:

Сендвич-панели для строительства стен и потолка

The advantage of frameless construction, from which the refrigeration chamber was made, is the small cold loss, thanks to which the energy consumption is reduced, life service and general reliability of construction are increased.

After unloading of panels, our masters began to build the chamber. First of all, they made flooring of the refrigerated chamber, after they began to make the ceiling and walls:

Монтаж стен холодильной камеры Одновременный монтаж стен и потолка холодильной камеры

First, one of the short walls was built (refrigerated chamber has a rectangular shape), after the specialists began to build other two walls and ceiling. The construction of the refrigerated chamber was carried out by four specialists. While two masters installed and fastened ceiling panels, the other two masters continued the construction of the walls:


Одна стена холодильной камеры почти готова

The refrigerated doors were installed into the equipment simultaneously during the construction of refrigeration chamber:

Одна из дверей в холодильную камеру уже установлена

When all the walls of refrigeration chambers were built, it was necessary to make only sealing of the sandwich panels and build the roof:

Герметизация стыков панелей холодильной камеры Продолжение работы над крышой холодильной камеры

When the refrigeration chamber was finished, it was time for installation of refrigerated chamber, laying of electric circuit wiring and Freon pipe for equipment and installation of lighting. This refrigerated chamber was designed for dividing of internal part of the chamber into two separate chambers with separate temperature adjustment, that’s why two doors and 2 separate sets of refrigeration equipment with controlling system were installed. First, the evaporator and system of lighting were installed inside chamber:

Установка воздухоохладителя в холодильную камеру - Server Service Установка воздухоохладителей (испарителей) в холодильной камере

After installation of air coolers, the masters began to work separately again. When Abdurakhim and Rustam installed and connected two internal refrigeration units to control boards, Ulugbek and Rustam connected the equipment inside refrigeration chamber (installed wiring system):


Мастера Абдурахим и Рустем занимаются установкой холодильного агрегата Подключение воздухоохладителей внутри холодильной камеры

When all the equipment was connected, it was necessary only to check performed works and deliver the finished refrigerating chamber to the customer:

Проверка герметичности установки дверей холодильной камеры Проверка и запуск холодильных агрегатов Предпусковой осмотр оборудования холодильной камеры


Проверка работы холодильного оборудования внутри холодильной камеры Холодильная камера, построенная компанией Server Service

The work is done and refrigeration chamber in Yangiyul was delivered to the customer ahead of time.

This is appearance of finished refrigeration chamber in Yangiyul.

Готовая холодильная камера в Янгиюле