Оbject: Refrigerating chambers for freezing and storage of meat in Tashkent.

Provided services:

  • Projecting of refrigeration and quick freezing chamber
  • Choosing of refrigeration equipment
  • Instruction of chamber for storage of frozen meat
  • Instruction of the chamber for shock freezing of meat
  • Installation of refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of quick-freezing equipment
  • Commissioning of refrigeration equipment
  • Setting of equipment
Abdurakhim, 30 years old
Refrigeration equipment specialists


Performed works: Specialists:
Object: server room Uztelecom, Toytepa city

Installation of precision air-conditioners for telecommunication equipment, installed in containers. Commissioning and adjustment of air conditioning system.

This precision air conditioning system allows to provide 24-hours continuous operation of the equipment at any season. It is one of the most important aspects for high efficient server and telecommunication equipment.

Константин Бушаев - монтаж прецизионных кондиционеров Сергей, специалист по монтажу прецизионных систем кондиционирования
Konstantin, 26 years old
Sergey, 27 years old
Air conditioning systems specialists
Object: Perfectum mobile office

Provided services:

  • Installation of air conditioning system for server room
  • Adjustment of air-conditioners for year-round operation for cooling
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Checking of conditioning operation system in all modes
  • Setting of continuous operation of conditioning system with precise maintenance of temperature
  • Checking of air conditioning system, pressure of copper pipes in order to avoid Freon leakage


Аbdurakhim, 30 years old
Rustem, 26 years old
   Specialists of air conditioning system


Ulugbek, 32 years old
Rustam, 32 years old
Abdurakhim, 30 years old
Rustem, 26 years old
 Industrial refrigeration equipment specialists
Object: Refrigerated chamber, Yangiyul

Performed works:

    • Design of refrigerated chamber and equipment choosing
    • Construction of refrigerated chamber
    • Installation of refrigerated chamber’s door
    • Installation of refrigeration equipment
    • Installation of lighting system
    • Commissioning of refrigeration equipment


Construction of refrigeration chamber is a complex process, requiring accurate calculation and accuracy.

  • Design and installation of commercial refrigerators and remote condensers + store ventilation

Object: Supermarket in Angren city


Performed services:

  • Design and choice of refrigeration equipment;
  • Delivery of commercial refrigerators from China;
  • Connection of commercial refrigerators to the external compressor units ;
  • Design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.


  • Design: Ablyamitov Server Marlenovich
  • Installation of equipment: Emin, Arsen
Object: Restaurant in Angren city

Performed works:

  • Design of ventilation system, as well as heating and conditioning of air
  • Installation of air duct and fan coil units
  • installation of boiler house and connection of heating system
  • Подведение к фанкойлам горячей воды из котельной и холодной воды от чиллеров. Connection of hot water to fan coil units from boiler houseand cold water form chillers
  • Installation of kitchen hood in restaurant and connection of automatic ventilation system.
Emin Arsen
Heating systems specialists