Installation of VRV systems in SAG office, located in Samarkand, are in full swing. Specialists of Server Service Company are finishing the installation of split air conditioning system SHIVAKI.

Split air conditioning (VRV) system is a complex climatic equipment, designed for the service of large multi-story buildings. One of the main properties of such air conditioners are the ability of connection of several indoor units to one outdoor unit, great length of Freon pipeline as well.

However, these properties (advantages) complicate the installation, which must be implemented by qualified specialists. That’s why, such important and responsible work was trusted to Server Service Company. In the course of our activity in the field of conditioning, heating and ventilating systems, a large number of objects have been put into commission.

SAG Company is the leading company on the production of carpeting in Uzbekistan.

Due to the use of Belgium, German and Sweden equipment, as well as multi-stage control allows us at all stages of manufacturing allows us to receive the highest quality products. Carpets and carpet runners are in a great demand not only in Central but also throughout CIS.

Specialists of Server Service Company performed a hard work. They developed efficient conditioning and ventilating systems for favorable microclimate in multistorey building, selected equipment, carried out its installation and commissioning.

Highly-qualified engineer designers developed a project, made all necessary calculations, then our specialists installed split air conditioning systems. We prefered VRF systems and cassette fancoils SHIVAKI, which differ by high efficiency, noiseless operation and economical operation.

Facility commissioning in Samarkand is planning very soon.

In order to see the results of our work, please refer to the sections Photo and Video.