проектирование вытяжной вентиляции в УзбекистанеHigh quality operation of exhaust ventilation system depends on competent design. That’s why, such work must be implemented only by professionals with great experience.

The larger building the more difficult to develop a project of ventilation system. Specialists of Server Service Company have a great experience in the design of exhaust ventialtion for private houses, offices, educational institutions, trade centers and other facilities.

It is worth noting! If exhaust ventilation is installed at workplace, it is called local ventilation. When ventilation covers the entire room, it is called general ventilation.

Server Service Company has been engaged in the design of ventilating, conditioning and heating systems, air dehumidification for residential, production and administrative buildings.

We cooperate with the best manufacturers of automation and ventilation systems:

  • Systemair;
  • Ostberg;
  • Wolf;
  • Ventrex;
  • Dantherm;
  • Hoval;
  • Remak;
  • Carel.

Masters of our company develop projects for residential complexes, medical centers, restaurants, fashion salons and other facilities.

When calculating all necessary factors are taken into account: construction-architectural, sanitary and operational.

Design of ventilation system includes the following stages:
  • drawing up scheme of general ventilation;
  • calculation of heat input;
  • technical and economical design validation;
  • design approval.

Standard documentation is used for heating, ventilating and conditioning systems. Basic documents for design of ventilation:

  • SNiP 2.04.05-91 (2000) “Heating, ventilating and conditioning”;
  • SNiP, requlating the type of building we need.

Consumption and temperature of input air for ventilation are designed in accordance with mandatory Appendix 17 to SNiP 2.04.05-91 (2000). The required air exchange rate is taken from the building SNiP.

So, the scheme of ventilation and standards of air exchange are derived from three main sources:

  1. Gathering of ventilation schemes for this building.
  2. Standard documentation (SNiP and other documents).
  3. Specific customer’s requirements.
Calculation of heat input for design of ventilation
  • External heat loads occur outdoors. They can be both positive and negative.
  • Internal heat loads created by people and mechanisms. They are always positive.
Requirements to the design of ventilation

It is necessary to take into such factors as:

  • sanitary norms;
  • construction and architectural norms;
  • fire-safety rules;
  • operational requirements;
  • system reliability.
Technical and economical validation of ventilation design

Technical and economical validation includes the following:

  • type of ventilation scheme;
  • main technical characteristics;
  • system equipment;
  • equipment arrangment;
  • approximate cost of the system.
Working design of ventilation system

Working design includes:

  • equipment configuration;
  • layout  of ventilation equipment;
  • layout of air ducts and pipelines

Working design of ventilation system is approved by such organizations as Health Inspection Service, fire safety authority etc.

Design of ventilation system is the main stage for effective removal of exhaust air and unpleasant odor, dust, bacteria and other impurities. Air exchange in the room depends on the quality of project development.

However, it is very diffcult to design exhaust ventilation system. When designing, it is necessary to take into account many important factors: building purpose, hygiene and sanitary regulations, construction norms, approximate number of people and household appliances, generated heat.

Project development: stages of work

Design of ventilation system is time-taking and responsible process, which reuires great experience and accuracy. Project development of ventilation system includes the following stages:

  • drawing up of technical specifications;
  • project development of exhaust ventilation;
  • carrying out of necessary calculations;
  • technical-and-economical design validation;
  • delivery of documents;
  • design approval.

Cost of design of exhaust ventilation is determined according to estimates, which is made after familiarization with the project.

Features of design

Design of exhaust ventilation has several features, which must be necessarily taken into account. So, when calculating air exchange, it is necessary to take into account indicators of heat and moisture excess, level of carbon dioxide, sanitary norms.

Aerodynamic calculation is the finding of such indicators as pressure reduction, ducts section, rate of air flow movement. There are certain formulas for calculation of ducts section, selection of calorifer power, rate of air exchange and number of people.

Our company has been engaged in the design and installation of ventilation system for many years. We provide a full package of documents: technical specification, drawing up of schemes, technical-and-economical validation.

It is very important to carry out accurate calculations, project development and correct installation, as the quality of operation depends on it. Making use of our services, you will get quality warranty for all implemented services.

We will develop a project of high quality and reliable exhaust ventilation system. Call us: +998 (71) 207-33-32