Design of precision air conditioning systems

Server Service Company offers its services of precision conditioning system design, including all necessary calculations, equipment delivery, installation, starting up and further maintenance.

Parameters that must be taken into account firstly

Precision air conditioners are often installed in laboratories, operating rooms, pharmaceutical shops, information processing centers equipped with high tech equipment.


During the design, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • Type and mode of operation of air conditioner;
  • Cooling capacity indicators;
  • Control system;
  • Type of cold carrier and coolant;
  • Type of filter.

It is also worth to note that it is necessary to take into account the following nuances during the precision system installation:

  • The equipment location. It is necessary to leave a spare place for the further expansion;
  • Height of false floor must be within 400 mm;
  • In case of absence of mechanical ventilation, it is wise to use the installations with low blowing;
  • Heat load can be reduced by means of household air conditioner installation. The usual humidifier is used for maintaining of air humidification.

Calculation of precision air conditioners is a complex procedure. That’s why it must be implemented by experienced specialists with all necessary skills and knowledge. Specialists of our company have extensive knowledge and experience in this field of activity. It allows them to realize any projects and provide a guarantee both for the equipment and all implemented services. Call us!