Design of cold stores is a popular service, provided by Server Service Company.

Our professionals will design cold stores for:

  • fruit and vegetable storehouse;
  • meat, poultry and sea products;
  • freshly cut flowers, wines, fur products;
  • quick freezing of semi-finished products and bakery products.

In addition, we provide such service as the design of cold store with controlled atmosphere, which has been very popular lately.

To order the design of refrigerated chamber, fill in on-line application. Please fill in all mandatory fields. It will help our specialists to develop a project according to all your requirements and wishes. When designing, it is very important to gather as more as possible information about refrigerated chamber and climate conditions of the region. After project approval, we carry out technical calculations and equipment selection.

Engineer designers of our company are professionals with great experience who are always ready to develop a project of any complexity.

Server Service is a multibusiness company, providing a wide range of services. We are engaged in both design and implementation of projects. Call us: (71) 207 33 32

                                               OUR PROJECTS IN ЗD:

Проектирование холодильных хранилищ Проектирование овощехранилищ в Узбекистане