We offer services for designing and assembling refrigerating storages in Uzbekistan. Our specialists will prepare a project of a refrigerating storage for any purpose!

  • Refrigeration storages for fruit and vegetables;
  • Freezers for meat or seafood;
  • Highly specialized refrigerating storages (for flowers, for wine, for fur, etc.);
  • Storages of shock freezing;
  • Storages with a regulated gas medium (CA), etc.


In order to make an inquiry for fridge storage in our company, you need to fill in A questionnaire for design of refrigerating storages or send a written request to our e-mail, which specifies:

  • Dimensions of future cold store;
  • Walls thickness and level of thermal insulation (if there is already a room under camera);
  • Desired temperature inside of store and products that will be stored in it;
  • Air temperature in street in summer and winter (or indicate the city where the object will be located);
  • Necessary additional functions (humidification, filtration, CA systems, ethylene filters, etc.).


Проектирование холодильных хранилищ Проектирование овощехранилищ в Узбекистане


Advantages of our company:

  • Staff of qualified specialists allows us to provide a full range of services for creation of refrigeration storages, from project development to delivery of refrigerated stores into operation.
  • At customer request, our experts will develop a detailed 3D project of refrigeration, we can even prepare a video tour of your future warehouse.
  • We offer supply of quality refrigeration equipment directly from China and Europe factories, and you may choose equipment that you need, and not stock equipment.
  • When contacting Server Service, you will be provided with several commercial offers of different price categories so that you can choose the best option for you.
  • Great experience of specialists from all directions (designers, installers, specialists in repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, etc.)
  • All equipment is guaranteed!
  • Good discounts when ordering a range of services from design to commissioning.

The design of refrigeration storages in Uzbekistan is very important task, which can only be entrusted to qualified specialists. There are many nuances that need to be considered when selecting equipment and components for refrigerating stores:

  • The quality of thermal insulation will depend on required cooling capacity of  equipment. The less is loss of cold in camera, the less electricity it consumes.
  • At low temperatures, the air in camera decreases, then pressure is lowering, as a result of which the walls of refrigerating store can be deformed.
  • Modern refrigeration plants dry the air inside of refrigerating store, when storing fruits and vegetables, additional moisture maintenance devices (humidifiers) are needed.

Only a specialist can consider these and many other features with extensive experience in design of refrigerated warehouses. Such kind of people work in our company!