We have always dreamed of opening a production shop for the manufacture of galvanized steel ducts. Our dream will come true very soon!

Server Service goes towards to its aims. Air ducts production is one of the important tasks for us, which is close to implementation.

To make dreams come true, our director visited China (Nanjing and Beijing cities).

The aim of business trip is to find reliable suppliers of equipment for production of round and square galvanized steel ducts. Fortunately, we found what we were looking for!

Anhiu Blackma Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd., is a company, which is located in the eastern part of China, Maanshan city. So, we chose this company to make our dreams come true.

Long awaited day has come – all the industrial machines were ready and sent to Uzbekistan.

We are going to begin the production of steel air ducts as soon as the equipment is delivered to our territory.