Air dryers are specialized equipment which characterized by wide range of use. So, they are installed in production shops, museums, exhibition halls, basements, archive depository, vegetable storehouses and other rooms where it is necessary to maintain a certain level of humidity.

Types of air dryers

Assimilation air dryers are designed to handle an impressive volume of air. They provide an effective air exchange. As a result, moisture air is removed, while dry air is supplied. Main disadvantage of this type of air dryers is that they have low efficiency. In addition, such units are not designed for the regions with high level of humidity.

Adsorption is one of the most popular types of air dryers. The cycle of drying process is provided by means of rotor or special drum. The air is passed through the rotor, moisture excess is absorbed and dry air is supplied to the room.

Condensing is also popular type of air dryers. The work is based on the ability of the air to get rid of excess moisture during cooling. One of the main disadvantages is narrow temperature range.

How to choose a high quality air dryer?

When choosing air dryer, take into account the following parameters:

  • efficiency;
  • noise level;
  • air consumption;
  • type of air dryer;
  • tank volume for condenser accumulation;
  • presence of additional fucntions.

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Repair and maintenance of air dryers

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