Fan coil unit installation. Fan coil unit is installed indoors and used for cooling and heating of the air. Fancoil’s operating concept is similar to indoor unit of split air conditioning system. Air passes through the heat exchanger, cooling or heating it, depending on given parameters.

There is a main difference between fan coil unit and split air conditioning system. The coolant of air conditioners is Freon that is very expensive and harmful for environment. In system chiller-fancoil this function performs water.

Main internal details of fan coil unit are radiator and fan, blowing the air through the heat exchanger and improving the heat transfer of air filters and electronics.

There are two types of fan coils: two and four pipes. Their main difference is connection:

  • Two-pipe fan coil unit. Cold or hot water is supplied through one pipe. The second pipe is used for water input into the system. You can switch the modes of cooling/heating only centrally controlled in the whole building;
  • Four-pipe fan coil unit. The first couple of pipes is used for cold water inlet and outlet. The second is used for hot water supplied from boiler room. You can simultaneously use fancoils for cooling and heating of the premises.

The main disadvantage of fancoil units and split air conditioning system is fan’s noise.

Fan coil unit installation

Fan coil unit installation is a time taking process. That’s why it must be implemented by high qualified specialists with great experience. Trust the fan coil unit installation only specialists!

Stages of fancoils installation

Stages of fancoils installation:

  • Installation of fan coils to the required place;
  • Installation of fancoil’s piping (cranes, three-way valve);
  • Connection of the device to the pipeline;
  • Pipelines thermal insulation;
  • Connection of fancoil’s drain system;
  • Fan coil connection to electricity;
  • System seailing;
  • Water supply to the system and check of hermiticity.

If all the services are implemented by experienced specialists, fancoils will be served you for a long time.

Before installation, it is necessary to carry out the calculation in order to provide a reliable and trouble free operation of the whole system.

When designing the project, it is necessary to calculate the necessary power of each fancoil, to select the optimal scheme of equipment location. It is also necessary to calculate the pipiline system for water supply.

Our company provides not only the delivery but also fancoils installation. We develop the projects of conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

If the installation was carried out by experienced specialists, fan coils will be functioned for many years without any problems.

Before installation, it is necessary to carry out the calculation to provide the reliable and efficient operation of the whole system.

During designing of the project, it is necessary to determine the power of each fan coil and equipment location. It is also important to make a right calculation of pipeline system for water supply.

Servises from our company

Our company provides the delivery and installation of fan coils of any type and model. We also develop the design of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

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