Fancoils are devices that are used to create and maintain desired temperature in rooms where chillers are used for air cooling or heating. Externally, fan coil units resemble internal air conditioning units, but instead of freon, hot or cold water circulates in them.

The device is supplied through the pipeline system with a cold or hot coolant (for example, water), depending on the season. It is cooling or heating the air in room. This unit is used in combination with a chiller to heat or cool the coolant. Accordingly, in the event of this equipment breakdown, only repair of fan coil allows the entire system to be operational again. And therefore, maintenance of the fan coil is beneficial, at least from two sides.

Today, fan coils often play the role of a central air conditioning system in large trading houses, office complexes or spacious country cottages. Advantages of such a system are manifested in large areas with many premises. In addition to connecting to  chiller, the installation of fan coil units can mean connection to a boiler. In this case, hot water flows through the pipeline to them and heat is transmitted to the rooms.

Like indoor unit of split-system, fan coil requires constant maintenance. In time, a certain malfunction allows easy repairs of fan coil and prevent serious damage in the future. Repair of fan coils should be carried out at least once a year.

Our company Server Service offers professional adjustment of fan coil ventilation systems, capable of solving problems in the operation of equipment that updates the air in the room. Adjustment of ventilation systems is made by qualified specialists and with the help of modern technologies. Owners of fan coil units may require professional maintenance of fan coil units, which we also provide. Service of fan coils means cleaning, refueling and routine repairs.

Types of repair services for fan coil units


Types of repair services for fan coil units:
  • Qualitative and professional diagnostics;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Replacement of faulty components, and its parts;
  • Analysis of the entire system;
  • Repair of boards;
  • Blocks cleaning;
  • Recycling and new filling of internal elements of the system;
  • Refueling and cleaning the system;
  • Chillers washing;
  • System dry cleaning from dirt deposits;
  • System disinfection.

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