Heating of greenhouses is one the profiles of Server Service Company, aimed at the creation of favorable conditions for growing of garden crops.

Systems for greenhouses heating

There are several ways for effective heating of greenhouses. Let’s have a look at main of them.

Water heating. In this case hot water, passing through pipes is used as heat source. These pipes are usually made of copper, steel or plastic. The last ones are more popular due to affordable price and corrosion resistance. Disadvantage of such system is the need for constant monitoring.

Air heating of warehouses

Air heating is simple but at the same time not very effective method. It is ideal for regions where the ground doesn’t freeze too much in winter. This method is implemented by means of installation of blow heater, filling the space with hot air. Disadvantage is low efficiency as fan heater are not able to heat large floor area.

Infrared heating quickly heats ground but doesn’t heat the air. Energy carrier function is performed by infrared lamps or heaters. Advantage is the possibility of creating several temperature zones to ensure optimal conditions for the development of different plants.

Heating of plants from professionals

Do you want to install efficient and safe heating system for greenhouse? Contact us! Our specialists have a great experience in the field of heating systems. So, making use of our services, you will always get a competent design of heating system, selection and delivery of high quality equipment from leading manufacturers at affordable price, professional installation and repair of heating units.

Remember that high quality installation is the warranty of trouble-free operation of the system. Contact qualified specilaists with great experience – Server Service Company!

Here you can select and order the equipment for heating of greenhouses:

Fan heaters        Water-heating boiler            Electric soil heating