Installation of pumps is a time-taking process, which must be implemented by qualified professionals.

As a rule, this work is usually implemented by several specialists, such as drill operator, sanitary engineer, heating engineer, electrical specialist, installer. Each of them must implement his work perfectly, as the efficiency of operation depends on the final result and the quality of performed works.

Difficulties during the installation of heat pumps

Installation of such equipment requires preparatory works. It is necessary to learn all the features of the facility and soil composition, develop a project of heating system, plan the sequence of installation and commissioning works, during of which equipment ground, pipelines distribution, installation of battery cells, turning off protection system, installation of underfloor heating and other works are carried out.

Stages of installation of heat pumps

  • drilling;
  • installation of equipment and collector;
  • installation of additional equipment;
  • system test.

Installation works require not only professional approach but take much time (about 1,5-2 months).

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