High pressure systems are modular units, consisting of several components. Main of them are humidity unit, control board, pump of high pressure.

This technology means water spraying under high pressure (80 atm). As a result it turns into semi transparent steam, then it is mixed with air coming from the fan. The position of blades can be easily adjusted if necessary. It helps to change steam supply direction depending on pursued aims.

Microscopic size of water particles is provided by special shape of nozzles. Before spraying, the water is cleaned, desinfected and demineralized. Automation process is provided by temperature and humidity sensors, as well as controle modules.

Repair and maintenance of the system

Server Service Company provides services for the installation, repair and maintenance of high pressure system. If necessary, our experienced specialists will help to select a suitable equipment, install it and carry out commissioning works.

If you noticed loss of capacity, high energy consumption or other problems, call us! We will carry out diagnostic, determine cause of malfunction, and of course eliminate it.

Maintenance means providing of the following services:

  • thorough inspection control, signalization and regulation devices;
  • check of operability of compressor, pump, gate valve and other imporatnt internal components;
  • oil level measurement and pressure indicators;
  • blowing of water-oil separator;
  • cleaning and replacement of parts.

The list of necessary measures includes test of the system in different modes and consultation on correct operation.

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