Server Service Company manufactures different types of air ducts, including smoke exhaust ducts.

Smoke exhaust duct is a special category of products that have a number of characteristics. Fire proof ducts are one of the main components of emergency ventilation. They are intended to remove harmful and toxic wastes from the room.

Our company produces smike exhaust ducts, designed to create conditions for evacuation of people from the building and prevent fire spreading.

Our products are produced in accordance with generally accepted standards of quality and safety and completely comply with SNiP.

Air ducts are resistant to high temperature, as they are coated with special fire proof material.

During production we use high quality carbon steel. Round smoke exhaust ducts are more popular among consumers. They are reliable, noiseless and easy to install. Rectangular ducts have low aerodynamic resistance and fit into any interior.

We produce both round and rectangular ducts of standard and non-standard size. When ordering, please don’t forget to indicate length, diameter and height.

Automated production line allows us to produce a large volume of products in record time. You also can order from us fittings for smoke exhaust ducts at the lowest price!