It is impossible to imagine the life of modern people without household refrigerator. You know, it is designed not only for comfort but it also has an important meaning for each familiy.

Malfunction of the refrigerator is a serious problem, as it leads to the spoilage of large quantity of food products. If your refrigerator is broken, call our company and our master will come at any time convenient for you. High qualified masters of our company repair any models of refrigrators.

There are several types of household refrigerators:

  • Single-compartment
  • Double-compartment
  • Multi-compartment
  • Single-compressor
  • Double-compressor
  • No Frost system
  • And other household refrigerators

Single-compartment refrigerators are the most popular and widely used refrigerators in everyday life.

Double-compartment refrigerators in comparison of single-compartment refrigerators have not only refrigerating but also freezing chamber. They are separated by heat insulation partition which allows to increase the storage life for food. Meat and semi-finished products are usually stored in freezing chamber.

If you refrigerator is broken, call Server Service Company and our specialists will carry out the cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

Double-compressor refirgerators are refrigerating devices with two compressors. One of them is used for cooling of refrigerating chamber and the other one for freezing chamber.

Thanks to the use of two compressors, the efficiency, quality and service life of the equipment are increased. It allows to control the storage temperature in refrigeration and freezing chambers.

Server Service is always glad to perform the services of the repair, maintenance and diagnostics of your refrigerator. We provide a guarantee for all services implemented by our specialists.

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