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О нас

Server Service Company is a dynamically developing company that provides a wide range of services in the field of engineering and climate systems of the building. We work with both large industrial facilities and household equipment.

History of our company creation

Many years ago our director purchased an air conditioner. At that time the air conditioner was more of a luxury thing than a necessity. When he ordered installation of air conditioner, he had to wait more than a month before the assemblers arrived. And idea was born then to open a service center for the repair and installation of air conditioners, because air conditioners such as "split-system" began to gain popularity quickly, and there were not many people who installed them in Tashkent. As a result, our company "Server Service" has been appeared.

Masters who are working in our company were trained in Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel.  Nowadays, all masters of our company have many years of experience and skills in working with both domestic air conditioners and industrial air conditioning systems of entire buildings.

Our company development history

From the beginning, our company was a service center for installation of air conditioners and repair of large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, gas and electric stoves, etc.).

In time, we began to expand and engage in larger equipment, such as commercial refrigerators, semi-industrial air conditioners, mini-chillers, etc.

After passing special courses and improving the skills of our company's employees, we switched to serving the industrial systems.

Our company offered services are very variable:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners) 
  • Design of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems of any complexity. 
  • Installation of any equipment associated with maintaining certain temperature parameters. 
  • Repair of industrial climatic, ventilation and refrigeration equipment.Supply of equipment from China.
  •  More detailed information about our company you can find on the site.

Our company advantages:

  • Great work experience, we have been working since 2002 and during this time we have earned a lot of regular customers.
  • The quality of services we provide is confirmed by an appropriate document. Therefore, you can be sure of the reliability of your equipment.
  • Flexible price policy - we try to keep prices for our services not above average market prices with high quality of provided services. 
  • We provide discounts for regular customers.
  • Prompt response to requests. We have many teams that allow us to respond to calls as quickly as possible, without forcing customers to wait too long.
  • We work not only for Tashkent city or Tashkent region, by agreement we can go to any city.Departure of masters team within the limits of Tashkent is free, in case of performing assembly or repair work. False master calls are certainly paid.