Input ventilation is designed for supply of fresh air. It consists of such components as fan, heater, filters, recuperators, noise absorbers, automatic control, air ducts.

Input ventilation: features

Due to excess of pressure, air is removed through windows and door openings. Air distribution occurs due to diffusers and distribution grills. If noise level exceeds permissble limits, ventilation system is equipped with noise absorbers.

Temperature and air circulation rate are maintained due to automatic control. It helps to control the set parameters of the air in the room.

Installation of input ventilation in Tashkent

Input ventilation units are high efficient ventilation systems. They provide both supply and exhaust simulteneously, non-stop circulation of room air as well. Air is heated by means of electric or water heaters.  Recuperation also can be used. In this case the degree of supply air is increased because of heat of exhaust air.

Server Service Company offers input ventilation units. Input ventilation systems supply air into the room and equally distribute it throughout the area. Such ventilation system filtrates, cools, heats and humidifies the air.

Input ventilation units consist of the following components
Input ventilation units consist of the following components:
  • fans;
  • filters;
  • several acoustic insulators;
  • calorifers for regulation of air temperature.

Input ventilation provides only supply of heated air into the room. If input ventilation is equipped with recuperators and calorifers (heat exchangers), it removes excess of moisture.

Design and installation from professionals

Input ventilation systems are installed in large facilities: hotels, offices, swimming pools, trade centers.

Our company provides the installation of ventilating and conditioning systems in buildings of any type and purpose. Our specialists will develop a project, select an equipment and install it.

When installing it is necessary to carry out the following
When installing it is necessary to carry out the following:
  • select efficient ventilation equipment and high quality consumable materials;
  • draw up the scheme of pipes;
  • design of ventilation system;
  • produce air ducts and other ventilating components;
  • install noise absorbers;
  • desinfect ventilating and air conditioning systems.

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  • Maintenance of ventilation: Input– Exhaust