Server Service Company has been engaged in the installation and replacement of heating batteries in Tashkent since 2005. In the course of our activity, we have gained a lot of regular customers who make the use of our services with gret pleasure.

If you need to select a proper model of radiator and install it, ur specialists are always ready to help you. Specialists of our company will carry out all necessary services for comfortable atmosphere in your apartment.

Common causes of heating batteries replacement

  • Expiration of term of service;
  • non-compliance with technical norms, leak, low heating capacity;

Types of modern batteries:

Cast-iron. Modern cast-iron equipment is needn’t of the strengthening of the connection before installation. In apartments it is recommended to change old radiators to new ones, as they are able to withstand high pressure. They are distinguished by high heating capacity and resistant to agressive heat carriers.

Aluminium and steel units have light weight, high indicators of thermal transfer and affordable price. Replacement of the batteries to aluminium and steel radiators allows to carry out the installation of heat regulator, it also allows to maintain the optimal temperature in the premise. Installation of alumininum and steel heating radiators is widely used in industrial and residential buildings, as well as in the premises of high humidity (swimming pools, bathrooms, baths).

Tubular steel. This type of equipment has classic design, manufactured in different colors and typical sizes.

Bimetallic radiators are distinguished by high indicators of heating capacity and corrosion resistance.

Our specialists will offer the most optimal type of equipment and carry out a high quality installation of raditors in a short time.