Comfortable microclimate is the warranty of high attendance of any cafe or restaurant. That’s why, the installation of such equipment as chillers and fancoils in public catering enterprices must be implemented by professionals!

Server Service Company carried out the installation of specialized equipment in cosy restaurant Qanotchi.

Our qualified engineers developed a project of climatic system for this capital enterprise and carried out necessary calculations. Our installers carried out pipelaying, installation of the equipment and comissioning.

SHIVAKI equipment was chosen for project realization. Chillers and fancoils of Japanese manufacturer are distinguished by high quality, low noise level and high efficiency.

High efficiency floor fancoil, designed for operation of large floor space.

They maintain an optimum temperature, equally distribute the air throughout area. It means that the guests of Qanotchi restaurant will be comfortable both in winter and summer.

Refrigerating units – chillers were installed outside the building. Due to modern control systems, you can easily change temperature conditions.

Specialists of Server Service Company tested the system for tigtness and efficiency.

You can also see video for the installation of climatic equipment in Qanotchi restaurant. Follow this link.