Installation of exhaust ventilation. Exhaust ventilation systems are used for quick and effective removal of pollutants in the air.

Ability to control volume and speed of exhaust and supply air provides a favorable microclimate in the room.

Exhaust ventilation system consists of the following components
Exhaust ventilation system consists of the following components :
  • fans
  • filters
  • several soundproof layers
  • heaters for controlling air temperature

Exhaust ventilation system carries out the removal of exhaust air. It is equipped with heat exchangers (recuperators, calorifers) and used to remove excess moisture from the air.

Exhaust ventilation systems are are usually installed in large facilities. Our company has a great experience in the field of exhaust ventilation in restaurants, trade centers, medical institutions.

Features of the system

Exhaust ventilation is able to create excess of pressure in the room. It provides natural removal of air from the room through windows and holes in door openings. Air distribution occurs due to diffusers and distribution grilles.

If air exchange system makes too much noise, it is equipped with noise-absorbing elements. Automation control system maintains stable temperature and speed of air circulation.

Exhaust ventilation units are very efficient. They provide both supply and exhaust functions. Air is heated due to electric or water heaters.

Stages of correct installation of the ventilation system
Stages of correct installation of ventilation system:

– selection of  suitable equipment, air conditioner and consumable materials

– accurate calculation and project development of ventilation system;

– dismantling of old ventilation system;

– air ducts production;

– noise absorbers installation;

– desinfection of the system.

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