Server Service Company has successfully finished the installation of climatic equipment TICA in trade and entertainment center ANOR PLAZA.

Shopping and entertainment center ANOR PLAZA (previously IMAXI) is distinguished by its large size and large number of departments. This makes installation and maintenance of climatic equipment difficult.

However, there are no impossible tasks for our company. Qualified engineers developed a project for ventilating and conditioning in accordance with floor space and building layout features, so our experienced specialists carried out the installation, test and commissioning.

Specialists of Server Service Company carried out:

  • Installation of water supply and heating pipelines from electric welded pipes;
  • Installation of refrigerating units TICA and cassette fancoils;
  • Insulation of pipelines with modern materials;
  • Installation of heat exchangers and centrifugal pump with automation system;
  • Installation of gate valve (valves, flange connections, straight cock, reverse valve)
  • Connection of chillers, boilers and manifold valve;
  • Installation of control cabinets;
  • Hydraulic tests of the system.

The equipment from China manufacturer TICA is distinguished with high efficiency, high quality, ease of operation.

We provide a guarantee of quality for all services implemented by our specialists. To avoid a sudden breakdown, conclude a contract with our company for maintenance.

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