Installation of solar heating system in Tashkent. Today alternative heat sources are used very often. The advantages of this method are obvious.

Solar energy is free and can be used for both cooling and heating. Vacuum collectors can also be used even in cloudy days, giving such opportunity as independence from centralized heating.

Real economy!

The use of solar energy is not so popular in Uzbekistan due to high price of equipment and collectors. But few people think about how much they can save on heating, for example in 10 years.

It is noteworthy that solar heating system can operate without repair over than 10 years.

Solar heating system: features

  • vacuum collectors and storage boiler are installed;
  • intermediate heat carrier circulates between collectors and storage boiler;
  • heat carrier is heated up to high temperature in the collector (the brighter the sun shines, the higher the temperature);
  • boiler is the main source of heating and water supply system.

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