Server Server Company continues to expand the client base. Our specialists carry out the installation works in one of the offices of the most affluent financial institutes of the Republic of Uzbekistan – JSCB “KAPITALBANK”.

It is very important to install a high quality ventilation system in financial institutions. As a rule, there are many different rooms in banks (parlor, archives, serever room, bank safe). All these rooms require special requirements to the air.

The installation of ventilation system must be implemented by professional specialists with great experience and special tools. That’s why, it was trusted Server Service Company.

We have performed the following works for a month:

  • installation of air ducts and heating pipes;
  • installation of Celtic boiler and Pedrollo pump, anti-vibration inserts, paronite gaskets, straight cock and flange connections;
  • pipes insulation with Armaflex and Thermaflex materials;
  • connection of chillers and manifold valves;
  • installation of control cabinets;
  • tests of pipes and air ducts for leak tigtness

When selecting the climatic equipment, product of our general partner – SHIVAKI Company was prefered.

Chillers and fancoils of this manufacturer has made a good showing due to high efficiency and reliability. It means that they are ideal for the installation in such building like a bank.

Do you want to see the results of our work, go to the page using this links: Gallery and Video.