Сервисное обслуживание водонагревателяMaintenance of water heaters is aimed at trouble-free operation of the device and timely detection and elimination of malfunctions.
Conclude a long-term contract with Server Service Company and you will avoid operation equipment problems.
Our masters will carry out timely diagnostic and if necessary the repair or replacement of parts.

It is high time to carry out maintenance of water heater in the following cases:

  • equipment operation for a long time;
  • overheating of the equipment;
  • lack of maintenance over than 1,5 years;
  • change of water color and appearance of unpleasant odor.

During the maintenance we carry out the following services:

  • scale and dirt removal from internal parts of the device;
  • check of connection of nipples with water pipe;
  • water heater inspection for leaks;
  • check of status of electric heating tube, internal tank, flange;
  • temperature adjustment of heated water (if necessary).

Server Service Company will perform all necessary services for the maintenance of your water heater. Trust us and you will always have hot and cold water for domestic and industrial needs.

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