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Обслуживание кондиционеров в ТанкентеIn order to avoid the malfunction of air conditioner and extend its service life, it is very important to carry out the regular maintenance service. That’s why, Server Service Company offers a wide range of maintenance service:

  • We carry out the maintenance service of ventilation and conditioning systems.
  • We carry out the maintenance service of all types, models of air conditioners.
  • We fill up all models of air conditioners
  • Maintenance service of split air conditioning system
  • Maintenance service of fan coils, chillers and industrial air conditioners

ремонт кондиционеров в ТашкентеCorrect installation, maintenance service and regular cleaning of the equipment are the guarantee of long service life of air conditioner. So, the installation, maintenance service and repair of such equipment must be carried out only by professional specialists.

Specialists of Server Service Company regularly attend upgraid training courses in the field of conditioning system.

Maintenance service of air conditioners:

  • air conditioner cleaning
  • cleaning of indoor and outdoor units with the use of antibacterial preparation
  • indoor unit impeller cleaning
  • cleaning of drainage system
  • cleaning of outdoor unit heat exchanger
  • cleaning of indoor unit heat exchanger
  • diagnostics of system mechanisms
  • measurement of input and output temperature
  • diagnostics of the system working temperature

Why is it so necessary to carry out the maintenance service and cleaning of air conditioner?

Modern air conditionerS have quite complex design. As it is known, complex devices are broken more often. Carrying out the regular maintenance service and cleaning of air conditioner, you will provide the normal operation of your conditioning system.

For normal operation of air conditioner, it is necessary to carry out its preventive maintenance before each season.

Cleaning of air conditioner is a very important operation of maintenance service. Household air conditioners need to be cleaned twice a year. Air conditioners in the office must be cleaned each quarter of a year. Air conditioners in the server rooms, restaurants and other public premises require this procedure each month.

Cleaning of air conditioner is not so complex operation. Maintenance service is not only cleaning but also the diagnostics of air conditioner. That’s why this operation is so popular among the customers. Especially it is necessary in the commercial premises where it is necessary to provide the trouble-free operation on a high level.

Depending on the mode of air conditioner operation, Server Service offers personalized shedule of maintenance service, cleaning and fill-up of air conditioners.

Cash payment

Bank transfers

Fill-up of air conditioner is carried out in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

During the maintenance service of air conditioner, sometimes it is necessary to carry out the repair and refilling. Such operations are made agree with the customer. Specialists of Server Service Company have all necessary tools and knowledge for high quality maintenance service of aor conditioner sof any models and trade marks.

You can also conclude the agreement with our company for regular maintenance service and cleaning of air conditioners. We provide the discount system for long-term contract with our company!