Long awaited new 2020 year has come! Our company faces the future with confidence. In new year we are going to make dreams come true!

Employees of Server Service Company can not only work hard but also have a rest and spend a good time! We celebrated coming 2020-year in Grace Garden restaurant last week!

In this restaurant we often enjoy with tasty meal, cozy environment and high quality service.

Friendly team of Server Service Company always spend a pleasant time. So, at this party we danced, saw different tricks and of course took amazing photos.

Now a little about work. In 2020 we have many plans and tasks, which we are planning to implement. One of the important tasks is the opening of factory for production of air ducts.

Equipment for production of round and square air ducts has already delivered to Uzbekistan.

The next stage is installation and commissioning works. Moreover, all these works will be implemented by specialist from China, who is well-versed in the equipment operation.

Our dream will come true very soon! Our company will produce galvanized steel ducts!

We are planning to produce:

  • Round air ducts;
  • Square air ducts with different types of connection;
  • Parts for ventilation system (elbow bends, T-joints, reducing pipes etc.).

Our large staff of qualified specialists in different fields of activities allows us to perform a complete production cycle, providing the customers all necessary parts for installation of ventilation systems.

Our company will provide the following services:

  • Design of ventilating systems (carrying out all necessary calculations, equipment selection and inspection);
  • Air ducts production (choice of materials and types of connection, estimating, cost calculation);
  • Installation (estimating of installation works, approval of deadlines);
  • Commissioning works.

Mentioned above services are not a full list of services, which will be provided by our company. Subscribe to our page in Facebook to be always in the knowing of the latest news of our company and discount system!