One of the most common causes of commercial refrigerating equipment functional loss is operational imperfection. In order to prevent premature failure and extend service life of refrigerated case, refrigerating cabinets and other refrigeration equipment, follow simple rules:

  • don’t install refrigerator near heating devices. Minimum distance between them is 2 m.
  • don’t install chest freezer or refrigerated case under the influenec of direct sunlight.
  • recommended temperature in the room is 25 °С;
  • temperature of products must comply with the temperature of refrigeration equipment;
  • distance between products must be 1 cm;
  • don’t cover shelves with paper or other dense material, as it prevents air circulation;
  • doors of refrigerating cabinets must be tightly closed.

These simple operating rules in order to avoid premature failures and extend service life of the equipment.

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