Server Service Company has been working in the field of industrial climatic equipment for many years. One of the components of success of our professional activity is the cooperation with reliable and time-tested suppliers of specialized equipment and consumable materials.

Today we will talk about the manufacturers with whom we have been working for a long time. We carefully choose manufacturers of climatic, ventilating and heating equipment, which means that the list of our general partners includes only those who has made a good showing in the global market.


Shivaki Company was founded in 1988 in Japan. Initially it was focused on the production of TV sets and video technology.

In 1994 the company was bought by AGIV group. The same year the corporation begins the production of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, small appliances and of course, household and industrial air conditioners.

Server Service Company actively cooperates with SHIVAKI Company. Channel air conditioners and modular chillers, installed by our company, differ by functionality, reliability, trouble-free operation and long service life. That’s why we prefer air conditioners of this brand.


TICA is the leading company in the field of industrial air conditioning. Wide assortment of conditioning and ventilating systems allows us to provide services of different complexity.

We install chillers and fancoils, VRV systems in trade and entertainment complexes, medical clinics, educational institutions, hotels and production shops.

TICA is the largest company consisting of 5 production shops and 70 offices located in different countries. Modern logistic system allows the company to deliver the equipment all over the world.


South Korean manufacturer of household and industrial boioler equipment is also our regular partner. Boilers produced by this trademark are characterized by ease of use, built-in protection from voltage drop, low noise level during operation.

The other cause why we choose CELTIC equipment is high efficiency. Boiler equpment can be installed both in small and large premises.


There are many models of pump equipment in the catalog of Italian manufacturer: peripheral, centrifugal, multistage, drainage pumps, as well as production pump stations. They are intended for pumping both pure water and liquids mixed with  small abrasive particles.

Our company trusts PEDROLLO Company because their pumps are ideal for installation in the objects of industrial purpose.

Of course, it is not full list of our partners. We work with the manufacturers of high quality insulation materials, plastic pipes, gate valve and parts for ventilating systems.

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