Our company continues travelling throughout Uzbekistan. We have finished installation of climatic equipment in the clinic Bionur medservice!

BIONUR medservice was recognized as “The best clininc in Samarkand” in 2015. It is equipped with all necessary modern medical equipment.

The clinic has departments of urology, ophtalmology, neurology, surgery, endocrinology, pediatrics, dermatology, as well as physiotherapy and modern laboratory.

In order to provide comfortable conditions of staying for patients and workers, it is necessary to install high quality ventilating and conditioning systems.

Specialists of Server Service Company have designed and installed climatic equipment in the building BIONUR medservice. To see the results of our work, please click this link.

Our specialists performed the following services:

  • design of supply and exhaust ventilation system;
  • calculation and selection of suitable equipment;
  • laying of air ducts made of polypropylene and metallic pipes;
  • pipe insulation;
  • installation of chillers and fancoils;
  • installation of boiler equipment;
  • connection of chillers and boilers;
  • installation of gate valve and control boards;
  • leak check and system operability.

Server Service Company have finished the installation and commissioning works in large Uzbek and Spanish clinic “Bionur”.