Air ducts are designed for movement of supply and exhaust air. Range of application of ventilation ducts is wide. They are installed in residential buildings as well as in administrative and production enterprises.

When ordering ducts, it is necessary to take into account such characteristics as class of ducts. There are two classes of air ducts: S and N classes.

Air ducts of class S: features

A lot depends on air tightness indicators. For example, volume of air. The more loss of air during the movement the lower air tightness indicators and efficiency of ventilation system. S ducts are made of high-density steel.

Ducts of class S are characterized by reliable connection and fitted with tight lock.

The maximum volume of loss (at pressure 400Pa) – not more than 53 (l/s)m­². Air ducts of class S are installed in the rooms of category A and B.

The first category A includes:

  • storehouses with inflammable substances and alcaline accumulators;
  • storehouse with storage of acetylene solutions and paint and varnish solution;
  • rooms intended for work with inflammable substances.

These rooms belong to the category of max. level of danger. Flash temperature is 28°C.

The second category B includes rooms intended for storage of fire-hazardous substances and materials – shavings, chemical compounds, combustion temperature of which is 28°C.

  • plastics and fibreglass production shop;
  • storehouses for diesel fuel and paint and varnish products;
  • enterprises that specialize in the transportation of powdered sugar, wood flour, carbon dust;

Air ducts of class N

The marking N is short for “normal”. Galvanized ducts of class N are used more often. They are installed in residential houses, administrative buildings and production shops, as well as other enterprises that are not intended for storage of inflammable products. Max. volume od loss is 1,61 (l/s)/m2.

The main difference of S ducts from N ducts: silicone sealer is used during installation of S ducts in order to improve air tightness, while during production of air ducts of class N, a conventional galvanized sheet is used and seams are insulated by means of rubber foam.

Where to order S and N air ducts?

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We manufacture not only rectangular and round ducts but also fittings – elbow bends, T-joints, duct crosses, reducers and so on.

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