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Electric installation work

Each experienced entrepreneur understands that the quality of the employee's work depends not only on his personal qualifications, but also on the ergonomics of the workplace. How to ensure this ergonomic? This question is asked by many entrepreneurs, and often - and employees. The answer is simple: a convenient and functional workplace begins with ... power supply. Therefore - it is very important that the wiring of your office is always in good order.

As a rule, the main electrical work is carried out at the construction stage of building, however, they can also be carried out at the beginning of repair work, and in case of force majeure - in already existing office.

However, it must be remembered that in carrying out any electrical installation work, it must be remembered that they should be conducted only by highly qualified specialists. Low-quality building wiring very soon after laying can become a reason for rather unpleasant consequences, which will be difficult to eliminate, and often very expensive. The same can be said about the installation of various types of electrical equipment.

"Server-service" company conducts electrical work of any complexity.

Our company offers you a full range of electrical installation services for office buildings. Our employees have high qualifications and long-term work experience. When providing services, absolutely all technical and design features of the building and the specific premises are taken into account. Thanks to this approach, all works carried out by our specialists are carried out qualitatively, with minimal costs and of course - as soon as possible. We understand how important for any office building is a high-quality power supply and therefore, we are responsible for such important indicators of our work as economy, reliability and maximum safety. By ordering from us the design of power grid for your future building, you can be sure of the quality result of our work.

We solve all issues and problems related to electricity! If you need:

  • Design an electrical network
  • Repair the wiring
  • Install electrical equipment
  • Complete electrical wiring

Just contact us!