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Installation and replacement of radiators

"Server Service" company has been installing and replacing heating batteries in Tashkent since 2005. During this time, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who are always happy to refer to us for the help.

If you do not know how to choose the right radiators and how to calculate their number, and also mount (install) them, our specialists are ready to help you.

On our website, you can find all necessary information about our company, see the results of our work, select necessary materials and make sure that it is convenient and profitable to work with us. The company's specialists will perform works to create comfort in your apartment "beautifully, aesthetically, correctly, accurately and  QUALITATIVE".

Cooperate with us is not only profitable, but also reliable.We hope for mutually advantageous co-operation.

Reasons for replacing batteries:

• end of service life;

• Moral and technical obsolescence (non-compliance with technical norms, leaks, low heat emission, etc.);

• discrepancy with the modern interior.

Sooner or later, each of us faces with the installation of radiators in the apartment, and, consequently, with the issue of choosing the equipment type.

Modern batteries types

Cast-iron. Unlike their predecessors, modern cast-iron equipment does not need to strengthen the joints before installation, does not require painting. In apartments it is recommended to replace old radiators with new cast iron, because they are able to withstand high pressure, are characterized by high heat transfer, and are neutral with aggressive coolants;

Aluminum and steel appliances. They have low weight, high heat output, attractive cost. Replacement of batteries with aluminum or steel radiators provides the possibility of thermostats installing, which allow maintaining optimal temperature in the rooms. Installation of aluminum and steel heating radiators has found wide application in industrial and residential buildings, in rooms with high humidity (baths, swimming pools, bathrooms). An important requirement for installation of aluminum and steel appliances is suitable chemical composition of coolant;

Tubular steel. This type of equipment has a classic design, available in different colors and sizes. The absence of sections and threaded connections makes it possible to replace heating radiators in order to improve the level of design performance;

Bimetallic. Having absorbed best properties of aluminum and steel equipment, bimetal batteries have high strength, heat transfer, corrosion resistance.

Replacement of old heating batteries for bimetallic ones is possible for systems with a pressure of up to 50 atm. Our experts will offer you the best kind of equipment and will produce quality installation of radiators in a short time.