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Sale of ventilation units with recuperation.

Ventilating units with Optimal Dospel heat recovery are designed for exchange of air mass in public buildings (office, cafe, restaurant, shop) and residential buildings. Task of air handling unit is to supply fresh air from outside to inside of building and to remove dirty, exhaust air from the premises while simultaneously recuperating the heat energy.

Optimal 400 ventilation plant has a capacity of 400 m³/h, air flow pressure of 0-340 Pa, heat recovery efficiency is up to 95%.

Optimal 400 by-pass ventilation system - 400 m³/h, air flow 0-340 Pa, heat recovery efficiency - up to 95%.

Optimal 600 ventilation plant has a capacity of 680 m³/h, an air flow head of 0-650 Pa, and a heat recovery efficiency of up to 95%.

Ventilation installation Optimal 600 by-pass-capacity 680 m³/h, air flow head 0-650 Pa, heat recovery efficiency - up to 95%.

Our company is engaged in supply of ventilation equipment from China and Poland and sale of ventilation equipment in the territory of Uzbekistan.

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Installation and operation instructions for DOSPEL OPTIMA ventilating system (400/600)