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Toilet installation

Professional sanitary technicians of our company will qualitatively perform the installation of any type of sanitary equipment from simple to the most complex. We are installing a toilet bowl of any type, we quickly and qualitatively install a toilet bowl with a cistern (compact), a hanging toilet with an installation system and an add-on model. Working with us is beneficial - by contacting us, you save time and money, we offer speed and uncompromising quality.

Currently, the industry offers a wide selection of models of toilets of various types and designs, from standard typical models and ending with complex design models. Depending on the style of bathroom design, you can choose a toilet from sanitary faience, porcelain, molded marble or an exclusive glass or metal model, installation of which can only be done by a professional. It is not necessary to rush with the choice of a toilet bowl, this seemingly utilitarian object of everyday use can radically change the appearance of the room, give it a touch of aristocracy and luxury, or vice versa, disharmony in the atmosphere, depriving it of harmony and charm.



Before you buy a toilet, you need to learn several important points:

  • The location of the issue. All offered models of toilet bowls are equipped with three types of output - straight, oblique and in the floor. The most common is a straight or, as it is also called, a horizontal release. The release to the floor is widespread in American flats, it is extremely rare in our country. Clarify how the issue is located in your apartment, since models with a different type of release are incompatible.
  • Water withdrawal. Installing a toilet bowl of another model may require changing the location and length of the liner. Connecting the water to the drain tank is the upper and lower. The bottom is more convenient for connection, wins in terms of aesthetics, because the flexible hose that supplies water remains at the bottom and, in addition, this method ensures a reduction in the noise level when the tank is refilled. Installing the console-type toilet bowl requires a hidden connection.
  • Installation method. Attached toilet bowls and toilets with a tank are fixed directly to the floor with the help of dowels and screws. Suspended models are attached to a vertical surface or to a special installation system that keeps them on weight. Installation of compact toilet bowl is carried out with minimum expenses, unlike models of console type which win from the point of ergonomics view and premise design.

In our company you can order the installation of a new toilet, disassembling of the old one, the modification or repair of water supply, canalization system, as well as the finishing work.