Dear customers, we ask you to fill in plaint sheet after master finishes work and make sure that the master sticked on the warranty card. Without a coupon, we do not have any obligations. Read more...


Board repair master

Incoming level:


Type of work:

is talked

Place of work:

On the territory of the employer

 Official duties:

Repair of circuits and control boards

Requirements for a candidate:


Doesn’t matter




Not lower than secondary, secondary professional

Personal car:

Doesn’t matter

Qualification requirements:

Work experience no less than a year















В своей работе мы опираемся на 3 базовые ценности:

1. Стремление к высокому качеству во всем

2. Уважение к людям и обществу

3. Отсутствие вредных привычек, которые могут помешать работе


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