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Refrigeration chambers installation master

Incoming level:
Тype of work:
Full working day   
Place of work:
Itinerant working
Official duties:
Installation of refrigeration circuit, installation of sandwich panels; commissioning of refrigeration equipment; building of freezing chambers; construction of structural frames form different materials for refrigeration chambers; reading of installation diagrams and project documentation.
Candidates requirements
Doesn't matter
Not lower than secondary, secondary professional
Personal car:
Qualification requirements:
Work experience in the field of building. Knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering and welding works. Knowledge of refrigeration installations; operating skills with refrigeration equipment (installation, repair, troubleshooting); to have a car and tools; accuracy, reliability, discipline, high efficiency.


We rely on 3 basic values in our work:

1. Desire for a high quality

2. Respect for people and society

3. Lack of bad habits that can prevent the quality of work


We ask applicants to send CV with information about themselves to our email: server-service [at] mail [dot] ru (server-service [at] mail [dot] ru) or fill out CV “online” on our website.  

1.      Lack of bad habits that can prevent a quality of work